Soul Musicality Course Structure

The Soul Musicality Course is an accredited course. It is presented by the Australian Academy of Sound and Music Healing, which is an Approved Training Provider with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

Level 1

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Level 2

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Level 3

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Ideal course completion is to have all three Soul Musicality Course Levels complete in one year.

Allowances are made to complete the course over a 2 year period. If a longer period between Course Levels occurs, the participant may be required to repeat the last level completed.

Soul Musicality Attunements are conducted with each Course Level to attune each participant to the high vibrational and multi dimensional energy of Soul Musicality.



(no pre-requisite)

Soul Musicality Level 1 is a powerful and gentle journey of the Soul, a time to connect deeper with the Soul and the Divine Heart. Attunements raise the vibrations of each person at a soul level. To discover how to live by the way of the heart. Remembering Sound & Colour Healing techniques to enhance your everyday life, maintaining a positive, peaceful and inspiring life.

This level is perfect as a Self Development Journey.

Module 1 – The Ancient Earth Connection

Unconditional love, oneness, responsibility through sound, music & Aboriginal Spirituality, being one with the land, your Soul and all there is.

Module 2 – The Freedom of your Voice

Intent, toning, breath techniques, vocal health, chakras, principles of holistic health.

Module 3 – The Sound of Colour I

Qualities of colour and the relationship of colour to Sound & Music healing. Opening to your creativity.

Each participant is to have their own instrument after completing Level I. It is important to have the instrument that your Soul calls. Instruments will be played intuitively, but practice time will be needed to connect and become comfortable with the instrument. A Dreamharp is highly recommended.

A 3-day Dreamharp Instrument Making Workshop will be offered to the group as an optional extra to the course. It is also possible to buy your own Dreamharp, which are all individually hand carved.


(pre-requisite Level 1 completion)

Soul Musicality Level 2 course involves connecting with the Healer within, further accessing your ancient knowledge and wisdom of Sound, Music and Colour, anchoring it with the Ancient Earth and the Divine Golden White Light.

Participants learn Sacred Personal Space techniques for energetic self care, and begin to practise sound & music healing techniques.

Module 4 – Sacred Harmonics of Sound

Overtones, harmonics, chants and mantras, droning, pitch & frequency, loudness & intensity, timbre, wave forms, instrument families and types, listening techniques.

Module 5 – The Sound of Colour II

Colour healing techniques as a higher vibrational tool with sound and music healing.

Incorporating crystals and flowers.

Creating a sacred healing space.

Module 6 – Elements of Music and Sound Healing

Movement, rhythm, entrainment, rhythms of the human body, heartbeat, breath cycle, brain waves, pitch, rhythmic modes, moods and meters, rhythm and behaviour.

Each participant will be required to have their own hoop drum or gong after completion of Level 2.

A Drum making workshop will be offered for the group to make a drum together as an optional extra to the course. Participants can also buy their hoop drums. Drum makers are recommended to the group.



(pre-requisite Level 2 completion)

Level 3 is a further deepening of your being, stripping away unwanted layers, leaving pure heart energy working with the collaboration of the Divine to create a loving way of life, being a part of the Universal community and committed to healing humanity.

Soul Musicality Level 3 is by invitation only.

Module 7 – Sounding your Soul

Liquid light. Being attuned to the higher frequency of each chakra. Receiving and giving at a deeper level, connection with other realms to enhance healing. Activating and using sacred healing silk as a vibrational tool.

Module 8 – Sacred Geometry of Sound & Music

Cymatics, divine proportion, basic structures in music, melody, scales, modes and ragas, tunings and temperaments, moods and shapes of harmony, intervals and mood, visualisation and imagery through music, the music of your name, numerology, platonic solids.

Module 9 – The Sound of Silence

Entering stillness and peace within through sound, breath, meditation and solace. Connecting with nature and the ancient land, being one with all that is. Focussing on stillness and its importance in a therapists daily life. Techniques to empty and still the mind.

Each participant will receive a unique sacred healing silk to be used as a vibrational tool, which will be activated during the Level III course.

 On completion of this course, students will become Soul Musicality Practitioners, able to conduct individual Sound and Music Healing sessions.


Soul Musicality Practitioners are offered continued support through mentoring sessions by Skype, phone or in person.

Additional workshops and retreats are offered to the certified practitioners for further deepening and expansion of their knowledge and wisdom.