Soul Musicality

Development and Mastery of the Soul

Certificate of Sound and Music Healing for the 21st Century

It is time to step into who we are

To remember who we are

All with gentleness and grace

Soul Musicality Course Structure

The Soul Musicality course provides a gentle but powerful healing journey of the soul through Sound, Colour and Music. It teaches Sound, Colour & Music Healing techniques to use as a therapy or to complement and enhance any modality.


(no pre-requisite)

The Ancient Earth Connection
The Freedom of your Voice
The Sound of Colour I

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(pre-requisite Level 1 completion)

Sacred Harmonics of Sound
The Sound of Colour II
Elements of Music & Sound Healing

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(pre-requisite Level 2 completion)

Sounding your Soul
Sacred Geometry of Sound & Music
The Sound of Silence

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Everyone is musical – the world is naturally musical. It is time for us to tune into the musicality of nature, to become one with the musicality of our Soul.

Course Creator & Facilitator

Christine Morrison
Musical Alchemist
Sound Healer, Musician, Composer B.Ed A.Mus.A(piano)
Australian Academy of Sound and Music Healing

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Stay in Peace
Be at one with the harmony of nature.
Tune your Soul to the sounds of the Divine true nature of the Universe, as it is the vibration for the new world to be spread throughout the world. Christine Morrison