How did Soul Musicality originate?

The conception of Soul Musicality began in 2000 when Christine Morrison began facilitating Sound Healing workshops. Christine was inspired to use methods and techniques she remembered for her own healing, during her major life changing journey beginning in 1996, when she was bedridden with Chronic Fatigue.

During this healing time of remembering how to heal with sound & music, Christine was puzzled how she knew the vibrational healing techniques so well, and could produce sounds and music to heal with such ease. It was so familiar to her, yet so strange, as she knew she hadn’t learnt the techniques in this lifetime. She decided to research this area, and discovered that healing with sound, colour and music was an ancient form of healing from most indigenous cultures around the world. Myths in many cultures speak of sound as being the creation of the Universe.

After Christine brought herself back to optimum health, she began conducting sound, colour and music healing sessions with others using her vibrational techniques. She quickly realised how powerful and transforming this method was. It was a natural progression to begin sharing the techniques with others.

Christine continued to facilitate Sound, Music & Colour Healing workshops over the years, deepening and expanding her knowledge, which has now become the Soul Musicality Course. Experiences presented themselves in her life, enabling Christine to remember how to use sound, music and colour in many varied ways.

Aboriginal Elders from many states of Australia shared their wisdom with Christine at various times, and Christine co-facilitated workshops and retreats with Bob Randall (Anangu Traditional Elder from Uluru) regularly since 2000.

One of those times was in 2004. Christine had the privilege to camp for 5 days on the sacred Aboriginal land with Hazel McKinnon. Through their relationship with Bob Randall, they were given permission to camp on the sacred land situated in between Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

This was a pivotal point in Christine’s life and also for her journey with sound healing.   She connected with the spirits of the land, and was guided by ancestral spirit to bring through the high vibrational liquid light colours and sounds to help with ascension and raising the vibration of all interested and to assist in healing humanity.

During her time on the land, Christine was taken on many journeys, experiencing clearing of her energy extensively. When all was cleared from her energetic field, the ancestral spirits filled her whole being with liquid gold.   The feeling was indescribable, and Christine had agreed with the spirits of the land that she would share this knowledge with others.

Christine knew she had the support to carry this energy through. It was just a matter of time – Divine timing.


2010 called Christine to Okinawa Japan, to facilitate a sound healing workshop and provide Soul Impression Individual sessions for the people of Okinawa. After the workshops, Christine and 3 other friends went to an ancient sacred healing island, where they came across a wise, gentle Shaman on the beach. She recognised that Christine was ill and told her to face the Sun as it was rising, and to breathe the energy of the Sun through her. The feeling of energy being brought through her by the wise woman, was beyond words and immersed every cell in Christine’s body with such high vibrational energy. She was in bliss. So much denseness was transmuted.

A few weeks after returning to Perth from her Okinawa experience, Christine had tremendous chest pain, thinking she might be having a heart attack and was taken to hospital. She was being monitored, hooked up to machines and she decided she would meditate to block out the distress of the hospital.   When she closed her eyes, a gentle, serene man in spirit was standing beside her bed. He was holding a huge golden sphere of energy. It was so beautiful and glowing and constantly moving. He asked Christine if understood her journey and if she wanted to accept this golden ball of energy. She was told the sphere contained all the abundance, success, and everything she ever wanted to create. But if she accepted this golden sphere of energy, she would also have to be aware that other denser elements will possibly present in her life, such as jealousy, greed etc – all the lower vibrational forms.

Christine agreed to accept this amazing golden sphere of energy and the gentile man placed the golden sphere in her body, entering around her belly button. The golden energy filled Christine’s whole being with the liquid gold. The feeling of the golden magnificence moving through her body left her in amazement. After many hours at the hospital, and many different tests, the Doctors were very puzzled about Christine’s symptoms, as they had disappeared and all tests didn’t show any sign of a heart attack. Whilst laying in hospital, Christine had a well of inspiration, courage & strength gather within her and she felt with strength and determination that it was time to begin sharing her knowledge and wisdom that had been entrusted to her to share.

Christine began to consolidate all the knowledge and wisdom she had gathered and remembered, and created the Soul Musicality Course. The first course began in February 2012, gathering the most amazing people, and has continued in strength since.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein