How does it work?

Myths in many cultures speak of sound as being the creation of the universe.

People have used sounds, naturally and therapeutically through the centuries.

Every thing is energy.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. — Albert Einstein

Each person is a vibrational representation of energy. Whenever a stress – either emotionally, mentally or physically occurs in one’s life, it causes dis-stress in one’s body, leading to changing the vibrational pattern of the body. Often resulting dis-ease, or illness in one’s life.

Soul Musicality encompasses your body, mind and soul. All three are connected and interrelated. When one aspect of you is out of balance, or out of tune, it will create imbalance within other aspects of you. Sound restores your being back to its original purest resonant frequency.

When sound is created with intent, it bypasses the intellect, dealing directly with the heart, returning your vibrational being back into alignment and vibrating in harmony with your soul, nature and existence, enabling your life to flow smoothly and synchronistically.

This can be achieved using techniques learnt in the Soul Musicality Course. Each Soul Musicality Practitioner uses a variety of vibrational techniques including voice, ancient instruments, colour, & music to achieve your intention.

People come for a Soul Musicality Session because they require:

  • Clarity with what is going on in their life
  • Release of physical or emotional pain
  • Direction of their soul path – they’ve lost their drive and passion for life
  • A more positive and inspiring life to lead
  • Release their Anxiety
  • To slow their life down and find the joy within
  • Dissolving behavioural and generational patterns that sabotage their life, stopping them living a positive, fun filled life
  • De-stressing and the need to relax more
  • Loving themselves more
  • Sleep restfully
  • Decision making to be clear and focussed
  • A deeper connection with their soul
  • The ability to operate from their heart space

We are moving into times where we are required to raise our vibrations to live in the higher vibrational qualities such as love, compassion, peace & gratitude.

Being in this high vibrational state, it enables us to emanate our intent energetically from our inner core from our Divine Heart out to the world. By radiating our energy at such a high vibration, people will “know” our intention and who we are. Also we will feel exactly what is really going on with people and situations. We are meant to be fully in our feeling bodies in the new world and operating this way. Some people find difficulty with this.

Soul Musicality sessions enable people to connect deeper with their heart and their soul whilst being firmly grounded and connected with the Divine. When they feel the deep connection with their soul, the “knowing” is so strong and powerful, decisions are easy to make, they find the joy in their life and feel an inner core of peace emanating from deep within.

It is time to free yourself, and step into the Authentic You!

If we do not have great health, what do we have?

When you are one nature, one with your Soul, one with the Universe, peace resides within, peace resides in the world.