The confidence to bring sound out as a healing tool…which really has been done for thousands of years…especially using our own voices and tones is very liberating and exciting. Christine’s creates a safe and nurturing space to open up. I’ve never felt as comfortable as in this course to let my own sound come out.

Tania Barr

I am now even more certain I want to work with sound and music healing in this way.  Thank you for sharing your experiences, sharing your knowledge for being a warm, loving and welcoming person.  It was a safe place to be in, to learn and experience such a wonderful healing modality.

Sarah Morrison

In Perth we have a talented Iridologist who is able to track the changes to our Energy Field and measure our vibrational rate. She monitors me six weekly, and has done for eleven years. When I saw her recently after attending Christine Morrison’s Soul Musicality Course she was surprised at the amount of clearing I had done in such a short time. Her words were that ‘I had cleared cellular issues not just from this life, but others, in a time frame that she would normally expect to take as long as five years’. On the last night of the Course as I scanned myself internally, I was unrecognisable to myself. A very soft, gentle flow replaced my familiar internal pattern. Christine’s Sound Course has fast forwarded me to where my soul has chosen to be, now.

Helen McCarthy

Initially when one is endeavouring to make the space to attend the course the 6 day commitment seems too much, when it comes to claiming Leave from work or clearing personal commitments.  Even though the 6 days commitment is a challenge, one has to value oneself in order to actually find/make the time. However once one is involved in the course it is blatantly obvious that 6 days are essential. One needs a couple of days in which to be immersed in the experiences, let go, open up, awaken, be aroused, struggle, gain insight, connect with others, build trust in self and others and the unfolding process. It seems that the last days of the course vanish quickly. The perception of time changes throughout.

Need the 6 days to get totally tuned in, attuned to self. An ideal length of time in which to immerse in the healing journey.

Bev Quinn

Christine’s intent to hold the highest vision for us all I felt really helped us to come more quickly and easily into our more authentic selves. I felt her willingness to allow and flow and still structure a course when a lot is going on is commendable. I enjoyed the space. Very nourishing and the constant of coming back to sound with our voices throughout the week made it get more comfortable and normal…rather than feel uncomfortable. It’s a powerful tool that Christine embraces and it overflows.

Tania Barr 

The most truly helpful course ever done, so gently touching & deep.

Diana Alexander

“An amazing transformational journey with the energy of sound.  Christine weaves a magical sound landscape as she gently guides you towards wholeness.”

” A soul nourishing, self transformational journey”

“Magical journey, loved the heart space energy”

” Most intuitive, and a wholesome experience – we are one”

“Loved the feeling of being safe to express and release”

“Thank you Christine! Your course has helped me to confirm my life’s journey and to trust that I know what’s right for me”

“It has been a flowering of my heart, from someone who hasn’t flowered for some time”

“I loved the ease and flow. The exercises. Opening but not too confronting as we learnt to open our voices. Beautiful, present warm energy Christine. Amazing Voice!”

“Where else do I experience a cellular merge with my soul than in the safe environment that Christine provides?”