What is the Soul Musicality Course?

Soul Musicality singing bowl

Development and Mastery of the Soul


The Soul Musicality Course is an accredited course. It is presented by the Australian Academy of Sound and Music Healing, which is an Approved Training Provider with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

The Soul Musicality course offers Music and Sound Healing techniques to use as a modality, to complement and enhance any modality, or for personal development.

It is a gentle and powerful healing journey of the Soul.

You will gain knowledge regarding the elements of Music and Sound Healing and how they relate to the resonant elements of nature.

This course consists of three levels containing a total of nine modules.

Each level represents raising one’s vibrations to a higher level, re-activating the cellular memory deep within you, allowing your ancient knowledge to gently unfold and reveal your true potential, presenting your talents and gifts to the world.

By completion of the course, each participant will have gathered their own healing instruments, suited to their healing style and become comfortable & proficient using them as their healing tool.

Musical experience and knowledge is not required, just a yearning to connect with your Heart & Soul, and to live the life you came here for.

Many people are concerned that they “can’t sing”. It is not about having the best “singing voice”, It is about developing the ability to free your Soul voice and using your voice as a healing tool to bring your body back into harmony.

This course is for people who:

  • want to learn a new modality for the 21st Century.
  • are looking for another high vibrational modality to complement their current therapy/modality.
  • are drawn to sound, colour and music, and wish to remember their knowledge.
  • wish to connect deeply with their Soul, so as to speak their truth with love, be empowered, and walk their path with integrity
  • wish to gain tools to activate ascension
  • yearn to discover easy techniques for healing self, friends and family
  • want to help others become empowered
  • want to ignite their passion and creativity
  • wish to live a peaceful and authentic life
  • are here to heal humanity.

You will gain knowledge regarding:

  • Principles of healing
  • Elements of Sound, Colour and Music healing, and how to put these into practice
  • How to make your own healing Dreamharp (lyre) and Hoop Drum

The course is designed to:

  • Teach you Sound, Colour and Music healing techniques
  • Develop your own unique way of working with Sound, Music and Colour
  • Develop your intuitive skills
  • Complement any healing modality
  • Help you discover your Soul’s desire and purpose
  • Develop your unique talents
  • Empower you through the exploration and discovery of your own innate wisdom.

If you have an interest in this modality, it is possible you have a cellular memory of working this way before. Entering this course, you will be re-activating the cellular memory deep within you and your ancient knowledge will gently unfold and reveal your true potential, blossoming like a white lotus from your heart, unfurling your talents and gifts to the world.